how good are reground asphalt driveways?

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Answered: Is ok to mortar flagstone over existing driveway ?

well depending on the condition of the pad of concrete or assfalt and how long it has been their and settled you probably could with out any problems

Answered: Can commerical trucks drive on a driveway made of 2 3/8 inch concrete

This all depends on the base below the pavers. These are 6cm pavers and I normally wouldn't recommend driving heavy equipment on anything less than 8cm (3" thick) pavers. However, if your base is 12" thick or more and it was compacted properly in 2-3" lifts using a heavy duty plate compactor (not ...

Answered: Is it possible to recycle asphalt?

Considering that a Google search brings up the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association as well as a listing of asphalt recyclers, I'd say so. Who knew?

Answered: Asphalt, Concrete, Labor

hi john, I am David freeman from Ghana but l stay and work in spain, I studied Architect and l have my own company in spain here and one in ghana which l think we can help you with our new advancing concrete knowledge, For more, and tel:0034*677*549 ...

Answered: Driveway access control

Yes they do already exist, I just had one installed at the office building that I own. The calling feature was actually standard I assume they've been around for a while. I got my access gate from security gate systems and got a few different quotes from different companies
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New concrete patio over existing concrete patio

I have been doing concrete for 22 years and yes that is fine what they are doing. Your old concrete would become a footer and the reason he would br trimming off 4 to 6 inches from the side would be to mke the outer perimeter a honch for stability

Driveway traction

I have been a concrete contractor for 10 years concrete gives you much better traction than asphalt. Although asphalt melts snow and ice faster than concrete.

We just repaved our driveway and the finished ...

It was a bad job, that's for sure. How long it will last I can't say. It sounds like they used the wrong aggregate mix and didn't use a float on the surface at the end.

How to stop cats pooping on driveway?

Dogs don't mind pooping on a driveway. Cats usually prefer somewhere where they can cover their waste. But if you live in Buffalo the snow may be too deep or maybe crusted over.