How get rid of : o/o of likebox.php from www.faceb...?

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Answered: Get Rid Of Huffington Post.

me too,I want this garbage gone off of my page!

Answered: Can php send out e-mail without mail server installed in server?

At one point, there has to be some kind of SMTP server. Sendmail itself is actually one of the kinds of SMTP servers. Pretty old one, but still works. In general . Any e-mail traffic we can have constantly happened in between SMTP servers. I suggest server to server. The customer only forwards ...

Answered: How can I get rid of garlic taste in sloppy jos (I put too many cloves in

You can't just cancel the garlic. You can dilute it if you make more Sloppy Joe mix with no garlic, but it may still be too much garlic. So you either decide to love the garlic, or throw it all away.

Answered: Looking for Samson nisson rt 1 new jersey

That must be Sansone's Nissan on Route 1 in Avenel NJ.
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What is your skill level in coding PHP?

Probably a 7. Always feel familiar with it even after long stints of time not coding, just need to refresh myself on some of the functions time to time...

Getting rid of blackheads

There are many things that you can do to prevent blackheads from appearing on your face. Most involve cleansing and some require the use of medications. Avoid using creamy, greasy, and thick (emollient) products. This alone will greatly lessen your chances of sprouting blackheads. Use a ...

Php host

Just go to Google type “free PHP web host ” in query box then press Search Button and there are list of free PHP host site.

PHP with Zend or C# with .NET

ASP (sites ending in .asp) is very old and not recommended. .NET (MS framework) supports development in several traditional languages (VB, C#, etc.) PHP is best on all Platforms where ASP is best on Windows servers only, you didn't mention which platform you refer to. Source: Activ Web Design ...