how far is sayre,pa from syracuse,ny?

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Answered: Raul Alvarez of Syracuse, NY arrested December ...

How is it, This man "A Police Office, SGT continues to work at the courts? After trying to kill his wife. The system still allows him to work, and no punishment assisted to him. Is it because his lover is a high end at the courts aka as Ms. Tammy S. Everett. Can she have any influnce in his case ...

Answered: How far is Oneonta from ........n..y?

178 miles from Oneonta to the theater district of New York City. If you want to be in the spotlight, it seems a lot farther.

Answered: What was Don Dauer's theme song on WSYR-AM (Syracuse, NY), broadcasting

Sorry I just know the name of the song, hoping someone knew who wrote it.

Answered: Syracuse China

Have you seen these two web sites?
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George MeHallow Esq. based in Syracuse, NY. I would like to know about

If this is the same lawyer that I had hired back in the spring, and I believe it is, He won't even return my calls now. In fact I was just getting ready to call him again and see if he will return my call. I am even thinking about sending him a certified letter to see if I get a response back. I had ...

How far is Penn State from enola, Pa

MapQuest give driving distance of 86 miles the shortest way.

How far is scranton, pa from binghinton, ny?

Located 59.6 miles from Scranton, Binghamton is around 1 hr 15 minutes drive. Driving instructions If you don't wish to drive yourself, you may also go there by Greyhound buses which can be booked online.