How far is pine mountain ga. To gatlinburg tenn?

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Answered: Posting of sign in gatlinburg

Foster and Kleiser, American Advertising, and Syncomm, all post billboards off the rights of way of traveled roads. Billboards are a certain way to make any community less attractive, and drive property values down.

Answered: How do I protect my pine floors from chair marks

I think you should be able to get coasters to put the chair legs on. They have carpet on the bottoms so they don't damage the floors.

Answered: What should I pack for a Fall family trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

When you're traveling to Gatlinburg, don't miss out on the Hollywood wax museum. Mark them in your Gatlinburg Things To Do list.

Answered: Adult living in habersham GA

NO- I did not find an answer

Answered: Mountains

Detroit mi

Answered: How far is Spartanburg, NC from Rome, Ga

Mapquest gives 230 miles from Rome GA via I-85 to Spartanburg SC (not NC).
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Statham GA is east of Atlanta on US 29, on the way to Athens GA. You can use to get maps, driving directions and distance.

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Gwinnett County is part of the metro Atlanta area. It's about 18 miles north/northeast of the city of Atlanta.