how far is Muskegon, MI and Grand Rapids, MI?

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Answered: Where can I get a glaucoma screening in grand rapids, michigan

Call the Kellog Clinic at the university of Michigan in Ann Arbor for referrals. 734.763.8122

Answered: Fowlerville mi home of the blob? what is a blob?

Ever see that real fat lady at WalMart wearing the bright orange stretchy pants? That's a blob.

Answered: Kids cooking near grand rapids

Go online. Now the trend is of online shopping. Start it and i think the excel clothing may help you....!!!

Answered: How can I determine a fair price to sell 2 ...

Anais- I do not know if you can. I would list them on eBay or similar website and see what offers you get. And price them very high. Say something like $50,000 OBO. If it were just a musical instrument, you could say OBOE. I think that this might give you a feel for the market for your items, and ...

Answered: Heating with coal

were is the cheaper to buy coal in worcester mass

Answered: What was the grant's addition grand rapids mi

Grant'S addittion to the Ciy of grand rapids later became Grant street , But later become grant street . Who are these people ? Mary B. Grant. T. Prescot, J. McConnel.Edward W. Grant???
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What are the major issues for Muskegon County Residents?qt=q

As a former resident of Muskegon County I can only give you what the issues were when I resided there and what family members tell me and what I read about. Of course the answers are about the same for any county in the U.S. at this time but Muskegon County is hard pressed when when it comes to ...