how far apart to plant pin oak trees?

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Answered: Who to ask about planting trees on land?

I think you should get advice from the Arbor Care Inc..

Answered: How to choose best serviced apartments or Hotels

If you are looking to buy an apartment so you should think your budget in your mind. You can contact to southcrossapartments for luxurious apartments at affordable price. Good luck...... my best wishes with you.

Answered: Planting Trees?

Yes, You can do it but it is important to take an advice from Arbor Care Inc.

Answered: Huge Tree Move

yes, it is possible and you can move big tree from one place to another place. But for this you need a company that transplant it. and for this you can take help from Arbor Care, Inc.

Answered: What is Proper placement of the top lapel pins?

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Answered: When to plant crepe myrtle trees

Ensure that your Crape Myrtle is planted at least four weeks before your first frost.
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