How does the way in which you perceive the world influence your thought process?

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Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.

Answered: Process essay?

Buying essays, like any other act of plagiarism, will result in failure of the class where it was submitted, and a second offense shall result in expulsion. Obviously whoever suggested that fraud has never graduated college and hopes to deny others any hope of a degree. It is that serious a matter ...

Answered: How long does it take before something is “registered” in your brain and

Sorry for your loss. I also lost my best friends (my 2 dogs) I had 2 pomerains the one was 17 yrs old I had him for 15yrs he was the best dog you could ask for when I was sad he would know he would come to me and lick my hand and sit a look at me he was the best. It hurt me so much I had to put him ...

Answered: How are women perceived in the workplace compared to men?

I think women have come a long way over the last 30 years, however there is still that "locker room" mentality in some professions, especially the male dominated ones...Medicine is one profession that women have excelled in and are taken seriously and I think men are becoming more comfortable in ...
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It appears that this so-called objective thought ...

The quality of our thinking dramatically changes the quality of our lives. Have you ever wondered why it was that within a month of Roger Bannister running a mile in four minutes over thirty other people had also run a mile in four minutes. Believing we can may not guarentee success but believing ...

Credit card processing services for small business?

There are many companies who provide credit card services not for only small business also they provide for large business. The provide different kinds of card services you can select the credit card as per your needs or requirement. I know one of the name firm name which is really good in this ...

Think Tank

Jeanne is correct on this one. There are some things one cannot live without. I too appreciate the "simple" life, but bread and trees can be burned as well. If we live by that statement all we'd have would be cement blocks and lots of water.NjoyG

Third Way Think Tank - Conservatives trying to influence Democrats?

Democrats are bitter old sots. That's why absolutely no one respects them at all. Hatemonger, show your filth to grandma in the nursing home crapping her bed and your gay blade child molesters eating each other's turds. After all, that's what Democrat cross burners do best.