how does the stimulus program thru the money multiplier affect the money supply?

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Answered: Stimulus Money Wish List

In the mid-1990s, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn hosted meetings at their Chicago home to introduce Barack Obama to their neighbors during his first run for the Illinois Senate.

Answered: Where did the stimulus money go?

To obama's clonies...You know that.

Answered: YOUR Stimulus Money At Work?

The Chicago public schools will expand its Arabic-language program to three more high schools, thanks to a three-year, $888,000 federal grant announced this morning. Mayor Daley accepted the grant at Durkin Park Elementary School, 8445 S. Kolin, as he rejected suggestions that the Fort Hood ...

Answered: Why Should ACORN get One Thin Dime Of Stimulus Money?

You're right, Acorn has been around for years and corrupt for years and Obama worked for them for years. He was their Lawyer and their community organzer, they are all community organizers. They helped Obama get into office and like all the other people and corporations that helped him they are ...

Answered: If on probation for dui in maryland first time ...

god hates you, you sinner!!!!!!!!!! Church Lady

Answered: What is a quid in money terms?

A quid is a British pound sterling. In the 1920's that was about $5 US.
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Investment funds involve a strong element of risk… My friend is a fund investor and he often tells me that only people with a thorough knowledge of investment should opt for such for it… because it involves understanding market fluctuations… he advise you to invest through banks like DBS which help ...

Where has the Obama Stimulus Package gone?

To Hell in a handbasket and used for projects that are in left field. Much of it remains in the coiffers and should be put to the National Debt but chickens will grow fangs first. Lady Darko E.


1 Trillion dollars 1 dollars bills 1.1 million tons 22 billion pounds 100 dollar bills 11 thousands tons 2.2 million pounds If you stacked a trillion $1 bills (US) on top of each other, you'd form a stack that reached a quarter of the way to the moon --the stack would be ...

How does money earned affect cost of Medicare?

Based on your income, Medicare premiums may be higher due to IRMAA. Individuals with MAGI under $85,000 and married couples with MAGI under $170,000 pay only the standard premium of $99.90 monthly. 95% of Medicare beneficiaries pay only the standard amount. The top rate is for individuals with ...