how does the social-cultural perspective explain human aggression?

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Answered: Culture

My first wife was Mexican. Those cultural differences caused problems with her and I and with her family until the day she died.

Answered: The four barbarisms: piracy, slavery. polygamy, and terrorism.

Does the the leftist Muslim Atheist poster ever read is own questions and post? They don't seem to be coming from a sane person. It's no wonder why he's ignored.

Answered: Does violence on television,in films,and in video games cause aggression

I don't think it CAUSES aggression but it definitely affects how aggressive a person is.

Answered: History/Culture of the term "robin Snow".

The meaning of robin snow is a light snow that falls after the first robin appears. The Webster's Unabridged says it is chiefly used in New England.

Answered: Why is socializing considered fun? Fun is doing ...

You are an even a bigger crackpot than I thought. Anyone who reads your whiny, sniveling, anti social, bigoted, loony tunes posts can see that you need help. A LOT of help.
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A cultural factor in America is that about 45% of the population is getting some kind of money from the government. The result is that more and more people want to get money from the government and are becoming less self-sufficient. rob

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social media is fun