how does the show cheaters work?

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Answered: Strength qualities at work

Trust, support, care, freedom, good guidlines, frienship, and above all: to pave the way to your success (knowing that your success is his / her success !)..... that means taking away all what might avoid a smooth ride..... all the sones and hurdles.....

Answered: Course work?

Isn't there a "t" missing from your screen name? I might have to sic The Coop on you.

Answered: What are you doing at work on tuesday

Probably cleaning up the empty beer bottles and piles of vomit left in the parking lot by all the people who don't know what trash cans or toilets are for.

Answered: Can multiple back injuries result from a work related injury

Can an injury result from an injury? An injury is an injury.

Answered: Is it legal for my boss to ask me to do work from home while I'm on

not sure what to say. this would be up to you. I work from home and enjoy what I do. Send me an email and I can give you more information. It is fun there is no cold calling or inventory to worry about. You can work any hours or days you want. The company is located in Florida an been around since ...
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What does a cheater feel when he goes home to you. How does he react when

Why don't you ask him? Just because you confront him about it doesn't mean you have to act immediately upon the knowledge; it does, however, put his behavior in check and allows you a fair chance to deal with the issue on equal footing.

Once Cheater Always a Cheater

If you care about him, then give him one more chance. If he cheats again, kick his a$$ to the curve.

Working moms more sensitive?

I am a working mother and I am not sensitive at all. Granted, if someone comes off like they think you are making the wrong decision that can be annoying. But mostly I think all working mothers are comfortable in their decision. At least I am.

Sex, Astrology, Cheaters

I think the answer to your questions lies within the signup process of the website. Since Capricorns are Dec thru Jan, chances are those registering with that website are simply to lazy to change the date of birth to their actual month and day. This is a perfect example of why I don't use ...