How does the science of probability affect decisions?

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Answered: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

You are just cautious and you want to weigh everything before you make a decision. There is nothing wrong with that except when it's an emergency.

Answered: What kind of job should i seek with a Bachelors of Science in Biology

You should have thought about that when you decided on a major. Your college should have recruiters calling. Maybe you can get a job at a biotech company or a drug company.

Answered: Probability

Assuming the probability of having a girl is 0.5, there are probabilities of 0=1/256, 1=8/256, 2=28/256, 3=56/256, 4=70/256, 5=56/256, 6=28/256, 7=8/256, 8=1/256. So 5 or more is 56+28+8+1/256 = 93/256 = .3633.

Answered: "Or" probability questions

I believe it's 3/6 or 1/2 because you have 6 possibilities and 3 numbers that are correct.

Answered: How does temperature affect mass of apples over time?

That is a good science experiment. Let us know the results. One might think that weight loss would result from drying out, which would be increased at higher temperature. But these apples might be waxed to minimize drying out. One might think that oxidation would be the cause of decay, and could ...
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