how does the kilchers make money?

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Answered: What is a quid in money terms?

A quid is a British pound sterling. In the 1920's that was about $5 US.

Answered: Want to invest money in funds in Indonesia?

Investment funds involve a strong element of risk… My friend is a fund investor and he often tells me that only people with a thorough knowledge of investment should opt for such for it… because it involves understanding market fluctuations… he advise you to invest through banks like DBS which help ...

Answered: Money Exchange

Money exchanges are always more expensive in high-traffic locations such as busy airports and train stations. I don’t know about the Instant Perfect money exchange aspect mentioned above. I prefer money exchange with banks like DBS where exchange rates are competitive.

Answered: I won some money, which safe deposit box is best?

Why you want to put in safe deposit box? Its more for things like jewelry, important documents etc. I would suggest you to invest it or deposit it into the bank; at least the fixed deposit rates can earn you some interest right…

Answered: How to send money in an enveloppe?

You can send a check or money order in an envelope; since it has the person's name on it, it is not too easy to steal. Cash in an envelope is too easy. If you are going to send cash, you might want to put it inside a greeting card.

Answered: Hard money loan

If you are looking starting a business by taking loan then apply for your hard money loan through It has about 10172 verified lenders to lending money to start a business. It is best for your because you can apply here for hard money loan with a short and simple application ...
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What are some of the substances people have used as money?

I think I remember reading about that.......decades ago.

Why do they call it money?

The word money derives from French derived from Latin moneta, meaning mint or coin, because coins were minted in the temple of Juno Moneta, the goddess who protected funds.

Does New york life ins co hold a whole life insurance money for me after

How in the world are we supposed to know if you have insurance with them? If you don't know if you have it, then we certainly don't either. And whether you retire or not has nothing to do with it.

Save money

Saving money is good farsighted action but not only when you are going to have a rest! I think that we work to have a good rest and this is one of the most important things in spending money. And if you want to get cash immediately check