how does the horror movie mama end?

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Answered: What horror movies scared the daylights out of you?

These movies scared shit out of me

Answered: I need help to find horror syfy movie

That's an old fave---and it's either called Attack of, or Invasion of, the Saucer Men. Scary and funny is right:-)

Answered: Children watching horror movies

It's irresponsible to allow young children to watch horror movies. A good parent does not add more scary things to a child's already active imagination. The best worst-case scenario is that the child suffers from nightmares. The worst is that this child becomes completely immune and innured to ...

Answered: What is the scariest horror movie ever made?

For me it was "The Evil Dead", scared the living Christ outta me!!!

Answered: What horror movie is the best of all time?

Alfred Hitchcock had an hour long program on tv in the 1960's. He loved to employ Teresa Wright, the multi-Oscar winning actress. She played a childless middle aged farmer's wife, who lived out in the middle of nowhere. Pat Buttram played her husband of many years. He paid her little attention and ...
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Does anybody know the name of the horror movie ...

its called The Cottage starring Andy Serkis who did voice over work in the new Star Wars movies and was Gollum in Lord of the Rings........joey

New asian horror movie

Phoonk movie. It is an Indian movie and a horror one.

Is it free to watch movies on Niter?

Well recently I watch Asian porn video in free by online for example see in this video