how does the horror movie mama end?

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Answered: What horror movies scared the daylights out of you?

These movies scared shit out of me

Answered: I need help to find horror syfy movie

That's an old fave---and it's either called Attack of, or Invasion of, the Saucer Men. Scary and funny is right:-)

Answered: Children watching horror movies

It's irresponsible to allow young children to watch horror movies. A good parent does not add more scary things to a child's already active imagination. The best worst-case scenario is that the child suffers from nightmares. The worst is that this child becomes completely immune and innured to ...

Answered: What horror movie is the best of all time?

Alfred Hitchcock had an hour long program on tv in the 1960's. He loved to employ Teresa Wright, the multi-Oscar winning actress. She played a childless middle aged farmer's wife, who lived out in the middle of nowhere. Pat Buttram played her husband of many years. He paid her little attention and ...

Answered: What is the scariest horror movie ever made?

For me it was "The Evil Dead", scared the living Christ outta me!!!
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