how does the eighth amendment effect procedures in law enforcement?

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Answered: Tn laws on law enforcement car they need to be marked.

If you didn't have so many warrants out for your arrest, you wouldn't have to worry so much. Get right with the law and you will not have to worry.

Answered: Law enforcement issue

Use the non stick foil on your butt. You never know when an anal probe could be in your future.

Answered: What does it mean when your released from jail "to law enforcement"

The question is fairly vague, but I'm thinking parole in a half way house.

Answered: There's a new Sheriff in town

Isn't that the Tommy defender eating the fudgesickle?

Answered: Do local law enforcement personnel have any responsibility to enforce

It would be rather pointless trying to rob a bank these days: they are as broke as you and I.

Answered: Indirect effect of CSI on law enforcement?

From what I've heard, the effect isn't good. First of all, surprise, the various CSI shows aren't really scientifically accurate. But people watch these shows and think they know how to committ crime and not leave evidence. And they know just enough to make the detective's job harder.
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Recently I contacted Bonnetts Solicitors for legal advise and they helped me very well.

Law enforcement officer falsify swear

Gary, Anyone can can say and swear to anything. Stop and think. Sadly, sometimes law enforcement think the are above the law. I know that for a fact.


I think, you can not solve our problem without law service. Law service is very important for anyone.

Is NSA Foundation

::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::: Typical farfetched leftist delusion. :::::::::::::::::::yawn::::::::::::::::::::::