how does the earth's shape affect global temperatures and wind patterns?

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Answered: How Does Obama Think He Can Control Earth's Temperature?!

The answer to your question is simple. President Obama is doing what a wise man once said , "The longest journey starts with the first step" and that is what our President is doing. He is starting with the first step of a long journey instead of doing nothing. I am sure he realizes that the world ...

Answered: Earth will get too hot by 2300. How can we artificially erupt volcanoes

Forceing volcano's to erupt would be a difficult decision if it can be done aftificially atoll...Not with the world depending on money to live , would this be a good decision... It would certainly mean air traffic would be disrupted, and their precious curse(money) lost...Not till money i gone can ...

Answered: Global Security

I don't know of a "facility", but I agree with Ruby, that Atmospherics Unlimited is a good place to start. When you visit their site you'll see if the information they provide on security services and consulting is what you want. They have experience with the most difficult situations in the ...

Answered: What was the most hottst day on earth?

The world record is 134 F in Death Valley, set in 1913. The claimed record of 136 in Libya, 1922, has been denied as a world record. The African record is 131 in Tunisia, 1931.

Answered: Global security information

have you ever visited the official site of the atmospheric united. Actually they are really doing great with the global security information. at least i can say that this is the best site for the global security information. Me and most of my friend update with the help of the atmospheric united for ...
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What is global atrophy?

Atrophy is defined as "A reduction in the functionality of an organ caused by disease, injury or lack of use; To wither or waste away." I would assume that the term global would take on the meaning of " comprehensive , general , total , thorough , unlimited , exhaustive , all-inclusive ...

Is global warming a genuine threat to the planet earth

No,scientists has proven that global warming is not a major threat as many believe.

How far is the center of the earth from the surface

we are considering radius of the earth( distance from center of the earth to surface) as 6.4 x 10*6 km (ten to the power six) assuming that earth is a perfect sphere in scientific calculations.. so it will vary little in equator and pole

Global Warming

Here we go again with the lefts fraudulent climate change scare. And leave it to The New York Times to scuttle it along. *WASHINGTON — With intensifying climate disasters and global economic turmoil as the backdrop, delegates from 194 nations will gather in Durban, South Africa, starting ...