how does technology provide criminal opportunity?

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Answered: Do you feel as I do that you're educated beyond the logistics of what

I think it's obvious to everyone here that when it comes to IQ, you are indeed "special".

Answered: Differences between criminal and civil law

There are lots of difference between criminal law and civil law but basically, criminal law is for violations of illegal crime and punishment, and civil law is for non-criminal disagreements. Law Firms Philadelphia | Law Firms Delaware County | Injury Law Firms Philadelphia

Answered: Should children be exposed to technology at all? Many schools have

That's right. Who knows when one of those little rugrats will make a atom bomb and blow up the school bully. Let them have sling shots so the bullies will have a chance. Uncle Frank

Answered: Does anyone remember Gary T. Swiger 1993 criminal conviction in pa ?

Yes he was arrested in 1991 twenty years ago, but never convicted of anything the case was dismissed by Judge Gavin. It was a setup by Richard Legree to get the Police Chief's job in valley Twp. Swiger was in Law Enforcement for 33 years-21 as a Police Officer 12 as the Valley Twp Elected ...

Answered: The Working Principle of RFID Technology

radio frequency identification (RFID)systemsisrapidly growing and hasthe potential to affect many different industries and applications. Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) is a technology enabling identification without the need of any line of sight between reader and transponder An RFID ...
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Not exactly responsive to the "first" ... but I like this: "The child shows the man, as morning shows the day". John Milton [Note: This is consistent with the concept it the good one quoted by Balrog above]. And then you get to this excellent analogy: "The apples don't fall from from the ...

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