how does sheriff sale work indiana?

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Answered: Legally take after sheriffs sale

If some posessions are taken of yours that were seized by the Sheriff's Departmet and they have a sale of that property along with other people's property, it will remain the legal property of the Sheriff's Deartment untill they see fit to dispose of it in whatever manner they choose. You have ...

Answered: Sheriff Sale/ Upset Sale / Judicial Sale

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Answered: If my house is sold at a sheriff's sale do I owe the mortgage holder any

Absolutly, the sheriff sells only your right, title and interest in your home. In other words your equity. He or she who purchases your right, title and interest can bring a foreclosure action against you for the amount paid and if you fail to make payment can obtain title to the property. The ...

Answered: Help! I need legal information regarding foreclosure sale of my home.

Sorry, mate, never had to deal with something similar. Call the sheriff's office and ask how you get things done.
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A sheriff's sale is a public auction sale of property held by the sheriff pursuant to a writ (court order ) of execution (to seize and sell the property) to satisfy (pay) a judgment , after notice to the public. There are three types of sales that take place at these auctions, Mortgage ...

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