how does routine incident response help law enforcement reach their goals?

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Answered: What does it mean when your released from jail "to law enforcement"

The question is fairly vague, but I'm thinking parole in a half way house.

Answered: Do local law enforcement personnel have any responsibility to enforce

It would be rather pointless trying to rob a bank these days: they are as broke as you and I.

Answered: Pakistan doctor that helped us forces

There were LOTS of them. Pakistani physicians wanted to get rid of Taliban mercenaries and terrorists far worse than we did but simply didn't have the weapons to do it.

Answered: Law

Recently I contacted Bonnetts Solicitors for legal advise and they helped me very well.

Answered: When will i reach my goals?

Not knowing what your goals are, we can't answer when you will reach them. If your goals are modest (get a bachelor's degree) we can make some guesses. If your goals are difficult (win an Olympic gold medal, walk on Mars) we have no idea if you can ever obtain them. If your goal is to be elected ...
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::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::: Typical farfetched leftist delusion. :::::::::::::::::::yawn::::::::::::::::::::::

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America has the fairest immigration laws on the planet, bar none. However, leftist rogue states hope to put their sleeper agents in America and 98% are stopped cold for their undocumented background, or confirmed criminal records. Leftists always use hate to get their way. What a pity that they ...

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Gary, Anyone can can say and swear to anything. Stop and think. Sadly, sometimes law enforcement think the are above the law. I know that for a fact.

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One old post said that you can't be laid off if you are on disability, due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Another post said you can't be laid off while on medical leave. You might be able to get more exact advice from the US Department of Labor, or from your state's department. Another ...