how does prolia affect the immune system?

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Answered: What methods can I adopt in order to help increase my dogs immune system

The best way to boost your dog's immune system is to give him the precursors or building block for glutathione production in his cells. Glutathione is food for your immune system, and optimizes its function. You can mix Immunocal into his food every day, and this will depend on his weight. Use ...

Answered: How can I naturally boost my 16 month old babie's immune system during

The best, most effective, safer immune system boosters are "Transfer Factors" which are molecules transfered from a mother to her child through her milk. These molecules are proven to boost Natural Killer Cell Activity to literally eat up germs, viruses before they get a chance to react on your baby ...

Answered: Mushrooms to boost immunity

I don't really know about mushrooms but i've been using this for a while: and I'm pretty pleased. I don't sleep al the time anymore..:)

Answered: What vitamins & minerals can I take to make my immune system

vitamin c,and b vitamins a b-complex vitamin is the best

Answered: Bee Pollen Benefits?

Bee pollen is similar to a number of unique medicinal herbs and herbal extracts in that it offers multiple health benefits which have been thoroughly documented over many years. energy vitality weight loss / appetite suppressant stamina / endurance ...

Answered: What vitamins should i be taking?

Personally, I supplement a balanced diet with a daily multivitamin. I recently read an interesting article about Magnesium at Fitness Republic . It mentioned all the benefits of including Magnesium in our diet (since many Americans are actually deficient in this vitamin).
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How does the immune system cause lupas?

Lupus erythematosus is an auto-immune disease, where the immune system attacks parts of the body. One of the tests for auto-immune diseases is ANA (anti-nuclear antibody). A more specific test for lupus is anti-dsDNA.

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Thanx for helping clear this up, Sam.