How does physical geography affect a regions agriculture?

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Answered: Need help for physics concept :Free fall bodies

Thank you all for your answers!!!

Answered: Physics question ! Please help!

Energy = voltage x charge so 4 x 10^-10 x 250 V = 10^-7 joules.

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I think it is located in Caribbean.

Answered: What ocean is Bolivia N.C. located near

Bolivia, N.C and every other town on the east coast from Maine to Florida are located near the only ocean in the area, the Atlantic Ocean. Where did you go to school so I make sure my kids don't go there?

Answered: What is voltage ripple and how does it affect x-ray tube output?

"Line ripple" is an artifact of AC in its conversion to DC for use in the linac or PET used in medical radiology. First we convert ther AC to DC. This gives us half-sine wave DC which is far too rough for medical x-ray use. The circuit appears below.
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