how does one defend their existence?

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Answered: Co-defendant

If you are filling out court forms, please be advised that most forms are standardized generic forms, meaning that they are not specific to your particular case. As such, the forms may ask for information which does not apply to you (the 'co-dependant' issue, for instance). Fill the forms out to ...

Answered: How do I add an existing account to this computer ...

1...Control Panel / delete account option inside account 2. . . Control Panel / Administrative Tools (To switch to classic view to see) / Computer Management / System Tools / Local Users and Groups / users, new user you deleted, if you can not afford to delete, then right-click / properties / check ...

Answered: People existing in life

We exist. In fact upon further thought,if we have these atomic particles existing in two places at the same moment, then we may even be able to say that we exist in two places at any given moment in time.

Answered: This windows defender, does it function in harmony with the already

As far as I know Norton Internet Security does have the ability to detect and remove spywares, like Windows Defender does. I'm not aware of any conflicts they might have, but in most cases when you have 2 active anti-spyware programs (they both actively tries to find spyware while you work) they ...

Answered: Do opinions stay the same for America & Israel when attacked and when

Jeanne, excellent! Always have been my thoughts & sentiments to the 'T'..I appreciate when a reply comes back as well put as my own thoughts & opinions, it leads me to see that I & others think on the the same level, it makes a well deserved reply much easier to compose. The rest of the world needs ...
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My question is about Windows Defendermy windows defender stopped loading

First download and run the Windows Installer clean-up utility. Go to and follow the link to download. Next go to and make sure you download the ...

My question is about Windows Defender's ...

I'm using the defender as well. And frankly, I don't trust it that much. I use it because it's free. Anyway, Look for the last post in here . Apparently these 2 don't work so well with each other.

How to install defender

your windows installer is good no need to replace it: the problem is your windows is dont have key code ,for unlock your windows search in the web for find softwear can baypass windows validashen >>>(

What is darion one direct ? Is it another reshipper scam? Anyone work for

It says in the complaint that they use stolen credit cards and ship merchandise to you for reshipping. When the theft is discovered, police trace the order to you.