how does modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine?

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Answered: What has modern medicine developed to neutralize the efforts of toxins or

There are multiple anti-venoms and anti-toxins available. People need to be responsible for learning what is a cause for concern in their own area and avoid contact. The CDC offers a 'Bad Bug' list and emergency treatment. The vast majority of bites/stings are not life threatning unless there is an ...

Answered: Dirty needles, are they still cocerded dirty needels if only used on the

jerry Asked: Dirty needles, are they still cocerded dirty needels if only used on the same person twice?..................................................... If you are a leftist then you already have every filthy drug disease that exists. They will kill you. Pity the next fool that finds your ...

Answered: Personal injury lawyers?

Broussard & Hart, L.L.C., our Southwest Louisiana personal injury firm, offers our clients the services of a small group of highly experienced and dedicated legal professionals. We have successfully recovered large settlements and verdicts in a wide variety of claims for serious injury and wrongful ...

Answered: What Is the Definition of a Personal Trainer?

Everybody will have dream to shape their body and to maintain in perfect line. Only few can go to the gym and make their dream come true. If it is not possible to go to gym means, they can hire a fitness person and make them to train personally. The Personal Trainer Mayfair has various options to ...

Answered: Genetic engineering

Frankly there are no negatives to genetic engineering. And frankly I don't understand all the fear associated with the subject. Let's take your genetically altered corn for example. What is the negative aspect to a crop that will naturally repel insects? The fact that pesticides and insecticides ...

Answered: Genetic eye color

i dont know but my mom and dad both had brown eyes and i have green hmm i always wondered why this was so
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It probably has been done before, but I'm not too sure what the success rate on the second would be if the first one wasn't successful.

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I think it's obvious to everyone here that when it comes to IQ, you are indeed "special".

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