how does ignoring the narcissist affect him?

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Answered: I have trouble with affect and effect. Is there a ...

Affect vs effect is a common debate. Affect should be used in your sentence because it is used primarily as a verb. While effect is used as a noun in all situations.

Answered: What is a narcissist

Hi, Narkis is Hebrew (and I believe also in other languages) is a name of nice flower.... The English name is Daffodil but also known as "Narcissus".... There is a famous story of a Narkis (that flower) who grew next to a swamp (it's natural habitat), saw it's picture in the water and fell in love ...

Answered: Why can't leftist liberals pass the eighth grade?

If leftist liberals cannot muster the intelligence to pass a test given to fourteen-year-old rural students in 1895, then what makes these prize chumps think they have enough intelligence to be worthy of voting? That explains Obama and all those other racist fools who can't hold their liquor.

Answered: Why do leftists have so little knowledge and intelligence?

Our lonely and bitter leftist failed the Eighth Grade test, the physics experiment from a modern fifth-grade school, and the chemistry identification experiment. None was difficult. Are leftists all this dull, uneducated, and worthless? As we have seen, IQ means absolutely nothing. It only ...
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I am a cultural envoy for The US Department of State. I travel around the world "representing" the positive cultural attributes and values of America and its people. Lately, however I spend most of my time redoing and reconstructing the positive, hopeful impressions, I work hard to create, that ...