how does highly alkaline shampoo affect tinted hair?

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Answered: Is there any shampoo or other hair care product out there to make

I recently used Burts Bees grapefruit shampoo and conditioner and it worked great for me.

Answered: What are the benefits of using organic colouring shampoo?

Mac, By organic I assume you mean natural coloring. which is earth friendly. I mean that organic is reabsorbed. by the earth. Our bodies can handle natural food coloring but Chemical compounded coloring are harsh to tour stomach and the environment. sometimes being toxic Our bodies are sensitive to ...

Answered: Shampoo For Shiny, Healthy Hair

For natural hair growth Aloe Vera hair products and massage of coconut hair oil can help you bets.For tips and advise you can also visit

Answered: Hair Loss Treatment That Works?

I've never found any hair loss shampoo/treatment that actually works. But I guess it depends on why your hair is falling out.

Answered: Can You Recommend Me A Hair Salon That Is Best For Hair Extensions In

Hairdreams - is the one where my wife always used to go for her hair styling. You can try this salons as they are one of the best hair salons in Dubai. They are very good in hair extensions , last month my wife get her hair extensions and she is very happy with their service. For more information ...

Answered: How does high blood pressure affect the nervous system?

looking at the definition of blood pressure and how it works it looks clear to me that one way or the other blood pressure affects the nervous system. when your nerves arteries are stiff this can be harmful to blood pressure leading to severely elevated blood pressure
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Can anyone recommend a really good dry shampoo? im going to a few

I agree with Susan about commercial shampoos have chemicals but you can find some real good products which are safe as well .. like I prefer using Batiste Dry Shampoo while traveling or outing somewhere. This is the perfect quick shampoo for me, Quick and convenient to use wherever you are and ...

What do hair experts say about infusium 23 colourology shampoo

I don't know about this shampoo. It's more expensive than Pantene Pro-V, what I use. Sorry.

Why do I still produce a lot of dandruff even despite using dandruff

Hi, Try to Switch it up. If one type of anti-dandruff shampoo doesn't seem to work, or if it works for a time but then doesn't, switch to a product with another active ingredient (the active ingredient will be labeled on the bottle). You may See your doctor if the problem persists after more than a ...

Is it true that mane and tail horse shampoo is ...

My mom always got mane and tail and as I understood it it was really for people but it was safe enough to use on our house pet for a bath