how does God answer prayers?

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Answered: God

Godsluv, God is a forgiving God. The moment you accepted him into your heart, your sins were forgiven. That is why Jesus died on the cross for you and I. The bible does tell us that "a man shall not lie with another man as he would a women", and that is a sin. The bible says that the soul that ...

Answered: Prayers

Start praising Him for the answer to Your prayer now that you have confessed your sin...In (1 Thessalonians 5:18 the Word says, In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you)...We sometimes forget to praise Him for what He is doing, God inhabits our praises ...

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Answered: Will GOD anwer my prayers?

God hears all prayers. He may answer some of your requests, but not in a way that you may understand. His ways may not agree with yours. But it is always good to talk over everything with God. The sad times and the joyful times of your life.

Answered: How do you say a prayer for someone that you dont like and mean it?

There is good in just about everyone. That is what to look for. Most folks go out of their way to be decent. There are some hateful old bigots that worship evil and weill do anything they can to make you suffer, because they hate everyone and everything as harshly as they can. When people choose ...

Answered: Prayer

Prayer is not the only thing which connects us to God, there are lot many things that do so. Prayer is only one of the ways to relate to Him. There's no specific way that you can please the Almighty, as He already has a report card of your deeds with Him. Just pray with pure heart and you will be ...
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Prayer and God's Love

Conrad_III--Anyone who claims prayer has helped him/her to feel god's love is delusional. They engage in wishful thinking. When He starts talking back to you then you have a serious problem. If you can believe w/o any evidence in a god then you likely feel the psychosomatic pleasure from the ...

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It wouldn't matter to atheists what the truth is: their cult is one of lies, exactly like that other cult of bloody warmongers, radical islam. If one vulgar cult of stupidity doesn't start war, the other surely must.

God answers prayers. I always hear this thrown out ...

First bring Jesus the Christ into your heart by focusing on His attributes. Then embody your prayer with joy, peace and love, and confidence in knowing that all prayers are answer and will reflect into the objective world in perfect balance to their embodiment.

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