how does culture contribute to the definition of pathology and mental illness?

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Answered: Alert!!!! Thomas Johnson becoming unhinged once again

Jesus wept, MIKEY, but that was a real ZINGER! And what is this? Sesame Street? Tommy Tadpole? Did mean old TOMMY TADPOLE kick widdle Mikey's a**, AGAIN?

Answered: What is the mental condition of someone who can't make a decision about

No. That's a symptom of egomania, exacerbated by feeble-mindedness.

Answered: Lonely Man with medically controlled mental illness in need of friendship

If you want to meet a woman who can relate to you, go to groups that are provided by your mental health programs. Definately try to attend consistantly. There is much more understanding when others are going through similar things. Although, you don't have to limit yourself to the circumstances ...

Answered: Mentally Ill husband

Try feeling pity for a sick person, not anger at what their disease makes them do. Find medical help to control his condition and behaviour so you have nothing to get angry about. Any time a person attacks or threatens you, you are supposed to feel angry and defensive. If it is repeated, mindless ...
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Safety for people who suffer from mental illness

Karen Kay gave a good answer. It really does depend on the individual and the situation.

Our inane leftist.

Clearly, I am correct about our inane leftist: pointess, racist diatribe, always presented with arrogance and duplicity, which in turn proves the low intelligence and lower morals of typical undiscerning leftists. Would anyone be taken in by this person's obvious (and ridiculous) games? Clearly ...

Tadpole's games have failed, again.

Rocmike has over 16 straight hours of blogging in. He has used all 3 of his Renner AOL profiles and has posted under his alias Renner for over 8 hours. He has posted 2 Renner, a Lester's nurse, a Freethinker, a Rocmike Stalker and 3 anonymous questions on this board. He has posted many childish ...

MENTAL ILLNESS My mother in law has trouble ...

The beginning of your question made me think of ADD (attention deficit disorder) Reading on is way out of my league. She should be evaluated by a psychiatrist.