How does Canada's geography, climate, and natural resources influence its economy?

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Answered: How does chinas geography,natural resources, and climate effect it's

I dunno, maybe the fact that they make funny faces, are short, have funny accents, and are entertaining to make fun of when they get angry contributes to it though.

Answered: Climate controlled storage

Yes it is good for the goods that you have. You can save your material from natural calamities and you will get it on rental. Store-11 will help you for this...!!!

Answered: Are there any natural resources in Gaza?

NO! There was some offshore drilling for natural gas (outside of the "territorial waters"), but quantities proved to be of non-economic size for exploitation. Gaza apparently has sufficient water sources, but not enough to be of "commercial" exploitation level, yet enough to provide for its ...

Answered: What is a perpetually renewable resource

One that will always exist such as wind or solar:o)

Answered: Climate predictions for 2013 in new york east coas

For best information check out
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I think it is located in Caribbean.

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Now I have. Are you involved? It looks fantastic!