how does basketball represent age and how it represents society?

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Answered: What does the ira represent?

The IRA is also the Irish Republic Army I believe.

Answered: Age Verification Process Not Working

I have the same issue...AOL will still charge my card! That $1.00 fee does drop off, like AOL says, but it still says there is an error and for me to try again later. Why does it take my $1.00 but not complete the process?!

Answered: What school won the State Class C Basketball championship in 1952 and

There are 50 states. Care to narrow it down a bit?
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It is the Maroni (spelling ?) ancient art of Tatooing. Check here for further knowledge: Happy Exploring, silversheep

How to represent for-next loop in flow chart?

Typically for any loop there is a box that represents something to be done, and a decision diamond below, that has one branch going back up to make a loop, and another branch going down (end of loop).

Customer service representative for a company, who ...

I think you have not explain weel about the issues in the customer service that you mention.

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Please do honor us with one more little tidbit, PGR. Explain the full significance of the number of digits in the serial number, the meaning of the pyramid, and why they use two colors of ink. And please, tell us who makes the paper. Now go to Wikipedia, look it up, and pretend to be a genius ...