How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society?

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Answered: What is the effect of computers on society?

They make people deaf, dumb & blind.

Answered: On a job app it asks about being a

These days 'diversity' is a euphemism for race. If, elsewhere on the application, they are not asking your race, this is probably what they are trying to ask you with the idea of 'political correctness' in mind.

Answered: Dog diversity -- consistent with creation science!

Answered: Are Home Inspectors required to check for Chinese Drywall presence?

You can attach a screwthrough each of the mounting hardware holes. Then Push the molly bolt into the wall by hand or with a hammer.

Answered: How long after completing the drug diversion program can I get it

Depending on what it is like renegade said. It could take 3-7 years. It depends on what the original charge is, when it happened. Is it a felony? misdemeanor? (spelling You didnt give too much info for any of us to help you. If you want more help, please come back with more info. Thanks ...
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Are you a Diversity fan?

They are very talented. Yes, I think they should have won.

What is the importance of a culturally diverse workforce

I work in a multi-cultural work place and found that it is great...we all get along and find out alot of things about other food and thoughts about everyday issues..I have found that working in a multicultural environment is better for me..I have worked in more dominant caucasian ...

Ageism Refers to prejudice and prejudicial ...

Usually it is an insult about the elderly person's years on this planet, his overloaded Kenworth, and the fact that he cackled so rudely as he drove over those young whipper-snappers' Vespas . . ..

How were the founding fathers of america influenced by greek and romans

The main person was a Frenchman and friend of Geo Washington, but mainly they were Masons.