how does a sociopath deal with rejection?

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Answered: What is a sociopath?

The Judge Says: Antisocial Personality Disorder is also known as psychopathy or sociopathy. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the feeling and welfare of others. As a clinical diagnosis it is usually limited to those over age 18. It can be diagnosed in younger people if the they ...
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How to stop a sociopath from stealing

As someone with a family member who has been stealing from all of us for three decades and is a sociopath, I can tell you we've tried many things to stop her behavior. If you have proof, you can file charges with the police by filling out a police report. They will then follow up, check databases ...

Dealing with stress/rejection/failing

Change your perception of things. View every failure as an opportunity. You see, we don't learn from success, we learn from our failures. The important thing to remember is not to make the same mistake twice.

Dealing with rejection

It’s been proven that one of the biggest causes of unhappiness occurs when people take things personally that they shouldn’t. This can happen when a restaurant messes up your order, when a place you REALLY want to go to is closed on that particular day, or when a woman rejects your attempt to ...


The truth. Thank you but not interested. If she contnues to stalk then he has to be firm and let her know he will call authorities if it continues. Stalkers today are not something to laugh at. They can be deadly seriously injurous to one. Remember "Fatal Attraction?" Just say NO AND MEAN IT ...