how do you wire a spectrum rs232 home theater system?

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Answered: Does anyone here have a home theater system ...

Depending on your budget, there are alot of options w/a variety of surround sets.. I shopped my components separately on Amazon & got some pretty good deals.. I should have spent a few more dollars on a better speaker selection, but still the way to go for movies & such!! Amazon is great because it ...

Answered: My question is about newest software.rs232 The software downloaded was a

Winzip can be downloaded here. and then all you need to do is doublre click the file you downloaded and it will be unzipped to a folder of your choice.

Answered: How to fix samsung HTX70 home theater system. it will turn on and then go

Try unplugging it for a few minutes. If that does not work you probably have some fried output transistors causing a short out. Selby

Answered: Connection rj45 to rs232 male

your question is not clear,can you tell me about the details? maybe a rss232 expresscard can resolve this problem get it at:

Answered: “which one sounds better? Klipsch HD Theater 1000 or energy Micro 5

Don't really care for either one, but if pushed I'd go with the Klipsch. My reason for not liking them is not based on quality issues, just personal preference. Klipsch is good quality.

Answered: Splicing lawn sprinkler system wiring

You can. Just do it correctly. Don't try to connect the cut to itself. You want TWO splices, one on one cut side, and one one the other cut side, meaning; 2 direct burial wire nuts, not one. This will improve your chances of not having problems with it in the future. Placing the splices in valve ...
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Assuming your Panasonic TV is relatively new, then you want to connect from the Philips HTS3565 to the TV with an HDMI cable. You will get the best picture quality with this. So the picture goes to the TV via HDMI, and the audio goes direct to your surround sound speakers. HDMI connector guide

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