how do you unclog a toilet that has a kotex pad stuck in it?

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Answered: How to clear a toy stuck in toilet

it is wedged in there and you will need to take the toilet up and push the debris back into the bowl.if your not handy call a plumber. you could break the tank to bowl connection

Answered: Is there a strong chemical that would eat away underwear that has gotten

You might want to try straightening a metal hanger and putting a "u" at the end. Try to get it down the drain--if the underwear is close, you might be able to snag it by turning the hanger. If not, you probably need a plumber. Good luck.

Answered: My dog has a bone stuck in his bowel the vet said ...

OMG! How did this work out? Is your dog ok?

Answered: How to remove a bemis elongated toilet seat

2 bolts under the rear of the seat is all it is.

Answered: Woman Stuck to Toilet two Years

yes, his money and/or well fair lot's of women don't work in this world. besides, how much money are you gonna spend when your only need is food? I doubt very much someone who lives on a toilet for two years cares if the lights go out.

Answered: How exactly do training pads help toilet train my ...

The pads cannot be used alone, what i did was go to Wal Mart and bought a spray that helps me train my puppies. By spraying the pad with this spray it shows them to only pee on the spots you want them to. Don't remember the sprays name but the bottle says something about potty training your pet with ...
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What tips can I adopt in order to help unclog my ...

Red devil drain cleaner contains lye and has worked better than anything else I have tried.

Toilet back-ups

First, plunge as much water out of the bowl as possible. Pour one (1) gallon of apple cider vinegar in the stopped up toilets; let set over night. Flush the next day. It works for me. Using toilet paper made for septic tank use would also be helpful.

Clogged Toilet

first try a plunger. or go to home depot and buy a closet auger for about 35 bucks. it will save you the cost of calling a plumber. 1.5 gallon toilets clog due to thick paper and sometimes hard stools

What is done to a toilet slave ?

I don't want to know.