how do you thicken the juice for candied sweet potatoes?

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Answered: What are the signs of a too ripe sweet potato? I cut into one dark

They really don`t ripen, they just grow big enough to be used, much the same size as u see in the grocery store. All potatoes r hard and somewhat tasteless when raw, no matter what the size. Once cooked and other ingredients added, then they r edible. They don`t ripen like an apple or a tomato.

Answered: What's the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are often called yams because they can be cooked similarly, but this is actually a Misnomer. Sweet Potatoes are grown much the same way as normal ones, while yams, which are actually not even remotely related to sweet potatoes, come from tropical vines (Dioscorea batatas). Yams are ...

Answered: Sweet potato problems

You need hot dry summers to get nice straight sweet potatoes. The tubers will be edible but they will not be very pretty. Talk to Stokely van Kamp about buying your crop if they are not up to appearance: they will buy nearly anything if it is up to canning. Don't expect much per ton, though, but ...

Answered: Recipe for Old Fashioned Potato Candy, made with 1 ...

Check out for the recipe.

Answered: Recipe suggestion

It's not unusual, Jay. It's a palindrome. P.S. You can eat the peel, you know. Just scrub it and cut out any bad spots before you cook it.
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Chocolate! Chocolate! Anything chocolate! My favorite is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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anything can upset your stomach. Does it have a lot of sugar in it?

Sweet potatoe recipe

I can wing this one. Wash and slice the sweet potatoes in 3/4" thick pieces Peel and slice the Vidalia onions in 3/16" slices. Chop up about 1/2 C each of cilantro and parsley. Open the Cream of Celery Soup and add a bit of dry sherry. Add white pepper, about 1/2 tsp; brown sugar, 2 T; and ...

How to prepare home grown sweet potatoes?

There isn't any reason I know of you can't prepare them just like you would prepare sweet potatoes (yams) you bought at the grocery store or produce market. There are more than a dozen ways to cook yams. A good place to find some is at Allrecipes-dot-com. Easiest way I know of. Scrub off any ...