how do you take care of a wild kitten?

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Answered: Need advise for kitten intro

i am sure the dog will except them eventually,but i think the older cat won,\t want to bother with them.

Answered: Kittens

They usually move their kittens when they are disturbed too much.

Answered: 1 week old kitten trouble

Sorry but you have a sick little kitty. If the kitten doesn't start nursing in 24 hours take it to the vet. Or it won't make it.

Answered: 3 mos old kitten still has blood in stool after 3 doses of dewormer at

Try another vet. I still think the bowel is ruptered. Cats often run in front of you while walking. It doesn't take much of a blow to do damage, especially at a young age. I would of hoped your vet would have atleast mentioned this. At least do some reasearch on the topic and form your own ...

Answered: At what age can kittens be taken away from their mother?

Hi Mary - Kittens are a wonderful thing. Aren't they adorable? It's best to keep the kittens with the mother until they are at least 8 weeks old. Many people separate them earlier than that, and while the kittens will survive and grow up to be fully developed cats it really isn't until after 8 ...
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Free kitten

Go support your local animal shelter, the kittens are inexpensive and they need a good home.

Free vet care for a rescue kitten in the westchester, new york area

No. If you want to keep the kitten, then pay for its upkeep.