how do you take care of a wild kitten?

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Answered: Need advise for kitten intro

i am sure the dog will except them eventually,but i think the older cat won,\t want to bother with them.

Answered: Kittens

They usually move their kittens when they are disturbed too much.

Answered: 1 week old kitten trouble

Sorry but you have a sick little kitty. If the kitten doesn't start nursing in 24 hours take it to the vet. Or it won't make it.

Answered: 3 mos old kitten still has blood in stool after 3 doses of dewormer at

Try another vet. I still think the bowel is ruptered. Cats often run in front of you while walking. It doesn't take much of a blow to do damage, especially at a young age. I would of hoped your vet would have atleast mentioned this. At least do some reasearch on the topic and form your own ...

Answered: At what age can kittens be taken away from their mother?

Hi Mary - Kittens are a wonderful thing. Aren't they adorable? It's best to keep the kittens with the mother until they are at least 8 weeks old. Many people separate them earlier than that, and while the kittens will survive and grow up to be fully developed cats it really isn't until after 8 ...
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Free kitten

Go support your local animal shelter, the kittens are inexpensive and they need a good home.

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I have a male netured tabby cat.i just started to take care of two stray

Hi, Probably your kittens will be fine - as a neutered male your cat will not feel threatened by them if they are that small. The only thing to keep an eye on is playtime - your cat might want to play with the kittens and accidentally be too rough with them. If you are concerned, keep the kittens ...

Kittens that are sick

It is very much similar to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID). A fading kitten may appear within 24 hours to 9 days after birth. The symptoms include a loss of interest in nursing, the kitten remaining small. The kitten gets cold, dehydrates and her/his blood circulation starts to fail.