How do you straighten the hood of a car?

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Answered: Busted Hood

They only have emblems for the newer Nissans that are the size of my fist. The one I need is about the sixe of a half-dollar.

Answered: Should I buy thermal hair protection if I buy GHD straighteners?

You provide your own link as always... but the answer is use thermal protection every time you use a hot straightener if you wish to protect hair from heat.

Answered: With straighteners and curling irons, is it best ...

Ceramic is better because it doesn't damage like others, I use the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it's the best, it has tourmaline ceramic plates with rounded edges which makes it great for also curling your hair. Check it out at or if you are in Canada at ...

Answered: How is the japanese straightening system different from the brazilian is a hair salon in London, but if you click the tabs at the bottom, there is a tonne of information on loads of different hair treatments :D it's fantastic, i really love it :) hope this helps xx

Answered: Island Range Hood Options

The decision on how to choose one for your cooking lifestyle and the style of your kitchen could be a hard decision. Range hoods styles come in sleek and modern low profile models to elaborate architectural enclosures that are masked behind wall features. Modern and contemporary kitchens may opt ...

Answered: Titanium versus ceramic hair straighteners

Checkout this guide :
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More Questions ventline I am looking for a hood range we have an

If you can't find it from Ventline, perhaps someone on eBay might have what you are looking for. Another possibility are housing contractors (or a similar business) that got stuck with what you are looking for.

Straightening and dyeing at same time

It depends on which straightening system you use but they might make you wait a few weeks between the 2 treatments, speak to your hairdresser and see what they recommend.

Will having the Yuko Straightening Treatment done ...

I need a consult to answer your specific question. Yuko was designed 20 years ago to repair Asian hair, to restore moisture in the hair and by the way after Yuko minimized volume and as and end result also straightened hair. The original name was Repair. Having performed over 1000 in 7 years it is ...

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