How do you store CD's in a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L?

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Answered: Navigation system for honda

I think it depends on the navigation system. does it work like an external GPS or does it rely on the car's hardware?. This is something very important since installing a GPS isn't really difficult but it gets complicated if the navigation system relies on the car's infrastructure.

Answered: 98 honda accord

sounds like the main relay is going bad,this cite might help you.

Answered: Buying A Honda

I'm slightly biased having owned nothing but Hondas, including a Honda Civic Coupe, a Honda Civic Hatchback (my fave), and now a Honda Accord. Honda's generally cost slightly more to buy, but cost very little to maintain as they are SO reliable. Another benefit to consider is they maintain their ...

Answered: Flow master exhaust system does anyone know how it sounds on a honda

It sounda nice. Has that deep tone sound and not those annoying can that you put on a bicycle wheel type of sound. Make sure to replace your headers too and make sure that you have the whole exhaust system and not just the muffler it self. =)

Answered: Not recieving e-mail from department stores

Look in your Spam folder. If you don't have a company email in your address book, their mail often goes to spam because they send so many mails.

Answered: Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Honda Accord located

hey under dash straight up left side of steering wheel if your sitting in it behind big silver box
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