How do you spell the alcholic drink MiTie from Hawaii?

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Answered: How do you spell safeproof? Safe-proof? Safe proof? Safeproof?

If you have to use it I would hyphenate as safe-proof. It doesn't really make sense, though, to be safe against a safe. Better words are child-proof, fire-proof, theft-proof.

Answered: How old can alchol be and still safe to drink?

If properly packaged, wine and spirits will last indefinitely. However, spirits do not change once cased in airtight glass. For spirits to age, they must be in wooden casks or barrels, where the barrel can work its subtle magic. The longest lived spirit is premium vodka, whose shelf life is ...

Answered: Can u spell tough like tuff?

After putting in at least 16 hours of non stop posting yesterday our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has started posting again at noon under his aliases anonymous and the fake Marine at 12 PM est.. He has posted under his alias Trampo. Both of these names goes to the ...

Answered: Missing person

Yes, you should file a missing person report.

Answered: Spelling

No, as far as i am aware, sheppard is not a word
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