how do you spell connor in gaelic (irish)?

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Answered: Is Irish and Gaelic the same?

Yes its the same , but its really technically 'Gaeilge' and not 'gaelic' though.Ireland was one of the few nations that was not conquered by Rome during its heydey, so its language wasn't Romanized, like most of the others in Europe. KnowledgeBase Software

Answered: Irish pronunciation for welcome

Fáilte: Fall-te (as in te in teddy). Romhat: Like the English word "Wrote". Isteach: Ish-tock. Note: The phrase literally means "welcome you in" in the singular. Fáilte Romhaibh Isteach is the plural. Romhaibh: Row - ieve (like the ieve in sieve)

Answered: How do you spell safeproof? Safe-proof? Safe proof? Safeproof?

If you have to use it I would hyphenate as safe-proof. It doesn't really make sense, though, to be safe against a safe. Better words are child-proof, fire-proof, theft-proof.

Answered: Clan Connor...O'Connor how are they related!!

Have you tried this web site ?
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