how do you soften old beef jerky?

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Answered: Beef Jerky?

In North America, the native Americans were making jerky long before y'all white folks dropped in for a visit. But drying meat at low heat for this purpose goes all the way back to the cavemen. Every country and culture has some kind of jerky. When humans took to the seas, pemmican was a staple of ...

Answered: What actually is jerky and how is it made?

This is the proccess of making beef jerky : 1) The meat thinly sliced to produce great quality, tender, mouth watering jerky. 2) The meat marinated in high quality seasonings for 24 hours to infuse the flavors. I slow-cook and smoke the jerky for over six hours 3) After the meat has cooled it is ...

Answered: What are the ingredients you need to make a brine solution at home in

Jerky was originally intended as a meat preservation method. The meat was dehydrated by salting and then drying. Today all kinds of spices and herbs are used in the same manner for extra flavoring. I agree with wholesale supplies that one cup of salt per gallon of water is the normal ratio of salt ...

Answered: Popular beef jerky recipe ideas?

Ingredients: Amount, Item & Brand (If Applicable) 5 Lbs. Minimum (One piece preferred) Fresh Brisket (Lean) - Any brand *You may substitute the beef brisket with your choice of meat* 15 - 20 oz. Soy Sauce - Any brand 15 oz. Worcestershire Sauce - Lea & Perrins - Preferred ...

Answered: Is beef jerky healhy

This one time, my brother ate an entire bag of beef jerky right before he went to bed. His stomach hurt so bad he couldn't sleep the entire night. It also made him dehydrated. As for being fatty, it is beef after all, it's bound to have some fat in it no matter how much is trimmed. As for being ...

Answered: Jerky recipe

Thanks so much ... I will check that out at Bass Pro Shop & see of they carry it. Pat
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