how do you sexually seduce your best friends widow?

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Answered: Widow meeting people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Where to start?

I might be interested in being friends with you and see what the future has inhold for us.

Answered: Seducing my best friend

WOW, some great replies above. I gave some thumbs up. I like the SPIRIT of 2 of them ... John Wayne style, go after him straight up. It can be cool and some guys can like it (as one said) but ............ but .... slow down there .... pull the riens back. Those other comments made some great ...

Answered: Are we friends

You seem to lack any grasp of what "Friendship" is and seem to be unable to read who is your friend and who is not. You ARE "friends" in the limited sense of FACEBOOK if he has "liked" you there … but that's just internet superficiality; it does not mean much about real friendship. Sounds like he ...
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Why do guys like boobs?

They're fun to play with.

How to tell my best friend that i know that he's lying to me?!

Perhaps insecure with low self esteem he thinks he needs to make up stories to be interesting . Forgetting about the fact if all these were true he'd probably be in a health clinic waiting on results . Or in a morgue somewhere with a John Doe tag on his toe waiting to be identified . Yes ...

I am a widower receiving a survivor's pension.Would I lose this pension

Yes,if you get married in the states,the benefits will be withdrawned.

Sexual thoughts about my platonic male friend

I think, in this instance, it would damage your friendship. The question you have to ask yourself is how you feel about this guy, and if those feelings are strong enough to make it worth risking your friendship.