how do you say peace be with you in hawaiian?

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Answered: The Hawaiian word for Halloween?

According to Wiki Answers, the Hawaiian for Halloween is "Hau'oli Ka La Ho'ola'a!"

Answered: Im pure chinese born/raised in hawaii am i a native hawaiian?

Sorta' gives land of the free a new meaning, doesn't it?

Answered: Yi got mail ', say

Sorry to hear that. Maybe things will improve soon.

Answered: How to say im home in hawaiian

You meant "I am at home" ? Troy/ Miami

Answered: What movie, song or person used to say

I think you may be referring to Jimmy Durante, whose signature song was Inka Dinka Doo.

Answered: Peace and Israel

You are so right. If it was between you and me, we would have resolved many of the problems of the Middle East a long time ago. I would like to know what you think about Gamal Mubarak.
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