how do you reply to message on note pad?

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Answered: When I get an email from someone they get a reply back that I am

You probably have an Away Message. Go to menu Mail, Set Away Message, and choose No Away Message.

Answered: Send messages on mail using iPad.

Hi Pam: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I reconfigure my iPhone or iPod Touch to access AOL Mail?

Answered: I recieved a email of which I opened. I replied to it however, I am not

Message will delivered only to the recipient who are in the address field. Did you get mail from your email id e.g. to ? if yes, please follow the instructions. Please make sure you have recent anti-virus software installed, run it frequently and change your passwords ...

Answered: Wireless Charger Charging Pad?

For wireless charging pad you should try . last month i was purchased 1 pad for my s5. Thanks

Answered: Reply at the bottom of the original message

Are you sure that the receiving person sees it on the bottom? If so there is a way to change the settings of your email, depending on who you use, play with the tool bars and look for menu options like format or layout in your options. Maybe not that much help but that's all I know without looking ...
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