how do you replace vinyl sidewalk spacer?

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Answered: First pressed vinyl lp records

Firstly, define what it is you mean by first pressed. Do you mean is this a first pressing? As opposed to further pressings when the first run sells out? I don't know how, precisely, so I'm only guessing. But if you look at most vinyl LPs, on the blank area just outside the label, you should find ...

Answered: I have braces. I Just got spacers about 5 hours ...

I got my spacers on 3 days ago. They hurt. I get my braces in 11 days.

Answered: Our sunroom has vinyl tiles for the flooring but ...

You can use carpet over your damaged tiles. Carpet comes in a large variety you can choose the carpet of good material and color.

Answered: Sidewalks used as driveways

So our questioner NOW tells us they specifically wanted info for Bayonne, NJ ! -After giving me an 'Unhelpful' THANKS VERY MUCH ! ! - - I've looked again and found NO TRACE of that in the original question. - -I would have thought anybody with half a brain would have thought of calling up and ...

Answered: Do spacers hurt?

well i am already on to braces now.... have been for three monthes. If you have any questions about braces just give me a personal message i would be glad to awnser. thanks. I will also set up a question and awnser poll. watch for it.

Answered: What materials would be the best for driveway and the least expensive?

Depends on your building code to some extent. The least expensive is turf, but also the least desirable. Gravel is next cheapest, but recently became illegal in the city I live in. Next is asphalt, or some other composite material made out of recycled asphalt and tires and such. Then come pavers ...
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Where in coral springs florida can i sell my vinyl albums

Hi Kenn - If you would consider listing the albums in an email by artist & title, I would be interested in seeing what you have, & making you an offer. Please email me back at m o n t h r e e @ a o l . c o m (spaced to keep it from being deleted!) Thanks very much. -pete-

I want to replace the vinyl siding on my house. I'm looking at these fake

I agree with Simon Corn. We specialize in fake stone panel with PU material, whose advantages such as light-weight, heat-resisting, water-proof... very geart material. If you have doubt in the material, could contact with me. My email:

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Probably about a dollar - it is not a 'rare' record & doesn't have a large amount of collector value, unfortunately