how do you replace the 3rd brake light on a 2005 buick lacrosse?

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Answered: Motion light

It's defiant. Take it back and tell them you want one that is compliant.

Answered: Why don't my tail lights and dash light work but my brake lights do

You could have broken wires, or a corroded socket, if this car is 12 years old. If the tail lights should be on, see if there is voltage across the terminals of the socket. If voltage is there, it's the socket that's bad or maybe the wrong replacement bulb. If there's no voltage across it, there ...

Answered: Can I put 18 inch rims on my 2005 Buick Lesabre without having any

You can as long as the overall tire height is the same as the cars original tires. You will be looking for a lower profile tire ( lets say 195-55-18 tires). The 55 is the side wall height as a % of the tires tread width. The stock tiers are something like 195-75 15 were the side walls are 75% of ...

Answered: What do 3rd grade pants look like?

Man, you wore pants in third grade? I know we did without a lot going to a one room school in the country (not joking), but man, we'd have loved to have had pants.

Answered: Why only my 3rd brake light works on my 03 durango

Start looking at burned out bulbs, then check your fuse panel. That AUX light is only a backup for your service brake-tail lights any way. If you got a blown fuse, check the wiring careful. Lots of times the insulation gets cut on sheet metal or stripped back, and it hits the metal shorting ...
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