how do you remove baffles from bub exhaust pipes?

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Answered: This proceedure is used to make way for a pipe ...

Suzy Asked: This proceedure is used to make way for a pipe ... This procedure is used to make way for a pipe where digger is not an option. Do you know what it is called ? Using high water pressure through a pipe to make way for another pipe that is taped to it underground. The procedure ...

Answered: Stock exhaust pipes

Try to drill some holes in your exhaust system just be careful though especially with borla exhaust .

Answered: Who makes cha com pipe. symbel is a crown

for help with pipe problems try

Answered: Years ago I purchased & used a exhaust pipe in ...

The item is a exhaust cut-out. A 'Y" shaped pipe with a rotating valve controlled by a cable (like a choke cable). It permits you to let the exhaust go through the muffler (quieter noise) or direct the exhaust down without going through the muffler (loud noise) & increased horsepower. I used one ...

Answered: How can I ermove roots from my drain pipe?

If the pipe is ruptured by tree roots, call your homeowner insurance company for coverage.

Answered: Can weight lifting cause exhaustion

You must get used to it first. Go easy on yourself at first and gradually progress. Nutrition and sleep - rest are equally important as training.
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