how do you recycle photoconductor units?

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Answered: What is unital design theory

a new design idea for penises (UNIT)?

Answered: Recycled materials

With the invention of plastic containers then the microwave..people have been warned against heating or cooking food in the plastic..but not many knew why. Because the plastic is made from by-products of oil ( which also becomes gas) the food absorbs the chemicals.ALL recycled material is a by ...

Answered: Recycling

It is possible, but it may not be common in your area. Styrofoam (aka polystyrene) usually isn't accepted by curbside recycling programs & even if it is, they may not take styrofoam contaminated by food. Best bet is to contact your local waste management utility. You can also search at earth911 ...

Answered: Recycling

To find out you can contact them direct by going to this web page.

Answered: Where to recycle light bulbs in sacramento calif. for free

I recently read that Home Depot takes CFL bulbs for free.
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Recycle Center,

What is Rubbish?

New to recycling

Hi Christian. I'm not from the area so I don't know exactly. I would suggest contacting your local township office to see if they can give you this information. Good luck!

Any idea on difference between mutual fund and unit trust?

I have a DBS account so I visited DBS unit trust FAQ page and got this: - A unit trust pools money from many investors, which is then invested in a variety of assets in order to meet specified investment objectives. The pool is managed by a team of full time professionals and a trustee is appointed ...

How to recycle BBQ and Bicycles?

Use to find out who takes scrap metal. if you are around PA, this guy t akes old pits like bbq barrels etc