how do you pronounce De L'eau Vive?

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Answered: Pronouncing

I saw on another webpage it is "noo-o-veh-dee-va". It's Italian. I hope that is how it's pronounced or I sound like a dummy:)

Answered: Pronunciation of word

Mount Ontake: On - tah - keh

Answered: What does l'eau mean?qt=q

French for water.

Answered: Pronounce Helena Montana

Funny that you asked that. I am watching TV and just heard a guy from there say he's from Helena, MT. Pronounced Hell-en-ah. I always thought (being from the East Coast) it was pronounced Hill-aine-ah. Emphasis on the second syllable. I guess he knows better than the two of us. Hell-en-ah ...

Answered: Mort Dans L'eau. What does it mean?

Let's use logical deduction on this. Mort is a nickname for Morton. Dans is obviously referring to something that belongs to Dan. Now, l'Eau gets a little tricky, but it most likely refers to Eau de Cologne (perfume). So, we now find that the answer is perfume that belongs to Morton Dan. There ...

Answered: How to pronounce Tauck?

Tauck is pronounced like talk or tock or to rhyme with hawk.
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