how do you prevent mortgagee neglect?

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Answered: What should government agencies do to prevent neglect and abuse of babies

What can they do? What would people say if the government licensed parenthood and made people study to have a baby the way they study to drive a car? How many people would let the government install monitoring equipment in their houses to make sure their child wasn't abused or left unattended ...

Answered: If a school fails to prevent a fight are they neglectful?

A lawyer can try to pin responsibility on the school, but the reality is that no one can prevent a fight. The school could expel someone for fighting, but they normally only suspend them. Police with guns cannot prevent crimes; they can only try to find the criminal afterward, and get him/her put ...

Answered: Reporting Elder Abuse and Neglect

i know what to do for a fact cuse im a nurse ,you write everything down call the attorney for the eledry and you report thsose who didnt do anything and more likely they will lose their licenses for their carrears

Answered: Any testing of a vaccine to prevent diabetes?

Diabetes is a hereditary disease. Your genes can predispose you to this disease. However, lifestyle and diet are important contributing factors. There is much you can do on your own to manage the condition. It's equally important to follow your doctor's advice for the treatments for diabetes. Here's ...

Answered: What other drugs exist to prevent a stroke?

tams, Is there something in tomatoes to help prevent stroke?
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Grant funding to prevent foreclosure

If you are in danger of immediate foreclosure consult personal financial help . Source:

How can I prevent mineral deposits on a rock ...

simple i use to have this problem on a huge stone wall, get youself some peroxide and pour it on the area, let it sit for a while and you will be amazed, you can also scrub it with a brush. try it tell me if it worked. mike

Why should future teachers study child abuse and neglect, teen age

So they can spot it in their students and try to help.

How can prevent someone from copying images from a CD by adding a message

I think you are referring to a watermark . This will not prevent someone from copying your image but if the image will pop up in some web site you will be able to verify that its indeed that image. If you put a different watermark on images on different CDs you'll even be able to know that this ...