how do you open the cd rom in the asus laptop?

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Answered: Cd rom detection.


Answered: My cd-rom drive cant recognize a blank cd-r

There are a number of reasons why this may be happened. The CD-R was not burned. The CD-R was burned but with a high error rate and the drive cannot handle the disc. The CD-R may not be compatible with the drive. Trying reading the disc in a different drive. If that doesn't work, using a different ...

Answered: I do not have an aol CD rom and keep getting the ...

i subgest going to aol downloads and look for the latest verison and see if you can download it. or you can get in touch with them and order the disc from them. i think it cost about 4 or 5$

Answered: Format Cd

no. you need a software that will write the data into the disc or CD. Use cyberlink power DVD, ALCOHOL or NERO. these are the most popular CD buring Softwares. Without these softwares your computer will not recognize the CD you inserted in CD-rom.

Answered: CD ROM Drive Problems

right click the icon "My Computer" click "Manage" then click "Device Manager" then click "Dvd/Cd ROM". you should see the model/type of your CD-rom in there. if it is in yellow question mark "?" then your CD rom is not properly installed.turn off your computer. unplug it then clean the port(use dry ...

Answered: how do you install a hp officejet4215 printer without the cd-rom

Download all relvant drivers and software from HP's support site at
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If you'd like to find more about overburning, have a look in this Wikipedia article , on section number 4. Setting this option is different from one software to another. You may post with the software you're using, I might be familiar with it, but I'll suggest you'll check it's online manual first.

Cd to dvd convert

I commend you 4Media CD Ripper . It supports to rip CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE and other popular formats, making it possible to play CDs on different music players. You really need a try! You can download it at:

Changing cdrom

You're going to need to take your entire laptop apart. Dell's arent too bad - as far as laptops go, but you're going to probably have to take every screw out of the bottom. If that doesn't do it, then you try getting the plastic top and keyboard off (in most dells you can remove the keyboard ...

Does a CD begin tracking from its inner or outer edge

CDs and DVDs are written and read from the inside out. I don't know why.