how do you make your bath tub look white again?

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Answered: How to make bath taxi?

Buy a "Bathtub Porsche" and register it as a taxi. see comment

Answered: Looking for a jet machine to go in bath tub.For alot of relaxtion.Feels

I already own a pool and spa but I would love to set up my bath tub with soapy water and the heat and also have the vigirous rheem of being outside in the spa, which takes alot of energy and expensives to heat up. Can you help?

Answered: Hot Tub measurements

Thomas, are you unable to use a tape measure for some reason?

Answered: Bath tub heater, claw foot

Home Depot makes a product that installs under tile flooring. It is rather pricey, but you would not need much. And you can get a thermostat for it. That might be just the ticket. JayR

Answered: How long should a tub last before cracking?

I personally don't have this tub, but I would think a bathtub should last at least a decade. I have heard one or two commercials about, where they can install a new bathtub in one day (they install a new bathtub on top of the old one). I'm not sure of the price or any of the other ...
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Why a Yellow bath tub duckling? The history of rubber ducks is vague, but its history is inevitably linked to that of rubber manufacturing. The toy should thank Ernie, the Muppet from Sesame Street, he helped to popularize the rubber duck bath toy with his song "Rubber Duckie". here is ...

Bath tub too long

I have the same thing happen and was hoping to find an answer here.

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Many ideas are coming in my mind : Clothing, diapers, blankets, toys, baby care products (bath items), cradle, etc. To check more unique ideas, click here :